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The goal of the Association Samten Tsé France is to support the activities and charitable projects of Her Eminence Mindrolling Jetsun Khandro Rinpoché.


We are pleased to announce Rinpoche’s European teaching schedule for Spring 2017. The list will be updated as any changes are received.

April 14-17

Samten Tse Czech Republic (at Svratka)

April 19, 20

Dharma Mati Rigpa Berlin, Germany

April 20, 4:00 pm

Buddhism in Berlin
Neckarstrasse 12, 12053 Berlin

April 22, 23

Yeunten Ling, Huy, Belgium

April 24, 25

Ogyen Kunzang Chöling, Brussels, Belgium

April 27-30

Karma Tashi Ling, Norway

May 3, 4

Ganden Chökhor, Switzerland

May 6, 7

Benchen Karma Kamtzang Poland

May 9-11

Samten Tse Denmark, Copenhagen

May 13, 14

Dzogchen Beara, Ireland

May 17, 18

Rigpa London

May 20, 21

Palpung Changchub Dargyeling, Wales, UK

May 23-28

Dachang Vajradharaling, France

May 30, 31

Kagyu Dzong, Paris

June 3, 4

Kamalashila Institute, Germany

June 6, 7

Bodhicharya Portugal

June 10-12

Dag Shang Kagyu, Spain

June 12-15

Spanish retreat (at Dag Shang Kagyu)

June 17, 18

Palden Shangpa La Boulaye


2017 Charitable Projects

Mindrolling Renovation

Mindrolling Monastery in India is renowned throughout the dharma world today as the lineage and monastery dedicated completely to dharma activities, and as a main center for maintaining the precious secret Vajrayana doctrine. Its buildings, shrine rooms and libraries contain the great treasures of Mindrolling — including precious and original teachings, thangkas and murals — and provide housing for hundreds of monks who devote themselves entirely to the practice and study of dharma.

Extensive renovations and reconstruction have been ongoing at Mindrolling to repair damage caused by earthquakes and excessive rain over many years.


Additional Classrooms for Mindrolling Monastery’s Young Monks

Samten Tse Charitable Society (STCS) has a new project to assist with the building of additional classrooms for Mindrolling Monastery’s school for young monks.


Mindrolling Campus Medical Clinic Expansion

Samten Tse Charitable Society (STCS) aspires to enable expansion of the medical clinic, creating new rooms and facilities to provide proper, modern care and in-patient services.

read more and view photos


Thanks for your help.


Featured Teachings

Cultivating 12 Kinds of Wealth

Audio | Print





Web Cast

For those who missed Rinpoche’s address streamed live from Mindrolling Monastery on New Year’s Day, we’re very pleased to let you know that a recording of the address is now available. You can still join us for this wonderful opportunity for sangha members from all over the world to come together and receive Her Eminence’s guidance and instructions for the year ahead. (Note: The main address is the 55 min. segment, followed by a 17 min. addendum.)

Watch live streaming video from mjkr at


For those who have bandwidth issues and cannot stream video, we’ve have also provided audio only versions of both segments.

New Year’s Day Address
Rinpoche’s Eight Instructions for 2017
55:14 | 25.1MB


New Year's Day Address Addendum
Addendum: Going Into Retreat with Simplicity
17:24 | 7.97MB




On New Year’s Day, Rinpoche gave a web address to worldwide Mindrolling sangha. In her address, Rinpoche suggested that we look not just at unwanted circumstances, but to their cause. "Many of you were asking about how to relate to this kind of year; how to relate to the many changes we all face; and how to relate to events that are not necessarily what we expected or would like them to be. As practitioners, how should we look at these situations? What kind of attitude should we have towards them?"

In addition to the video and audio recordings, we are delighted to now add this print version.


Hundreds of Rivulets Gathering: Mahasangha 2016


Two-hundred practitioners arrived in Oberlethe, Germany for a five-day drubchö of the Profound Sadhana of the Mindrolling Vajrasattva, also known as Minling Dorsem. This was the first ever Mahasangha gathering which will become an annual tradition. Read story and view photo gallery.



Mindrolling History Project Adds Two New Biographies

Parts 17 and 18 present biographical accounts of Minling Rigzin Wangpo, the 6th Khenchen, and Gyurme Yidzhin Wangyal, the 8th Trichen.




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